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Have you spent hundreds of hours reading books, attending seminars and yet...
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 It's time to go back to the basics.
The Secret? Asking yourself different questions... the right questions.
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In this e-course you will discover exactly how to stop asking the questions that hold you back or lead you nowhere, and teaching you how to ask the kind of questions that will empower you to master the three traits of success:
  • Resilence. Learn the art of bouncing back when the way ahead looks impossible.
  • Revolution. Make that paradigm shift in your life that will take you to a whole new place.
  • Reinvention. Discover how to become the best version of yourself, the person you always dreamed of being. 
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The E-course includes 8 interactive quizzes which helps you to identify, ask and answer better questions in order to set a direction for your life. 

Course Materials
Each topic has it's own videos and downloadable PDF of the questions from that topic. So that you can refer to them whenever you would like to. 
The Topics of "The Power of The Question" E-Course: 

1. What are you here for?

Bernardo will share why answering this Question is absolutely essential in figuring out your calling.

2. The Wrong Questions

Asking yourself the wrong questions can lead to a life of struggle, complacency and disappointment. Becoming aware of your internal dialogue and how you can change it, will set you free.

3. Empowering Questions

Asking yourself empowering questions helps you see the world with greater optimism.

4. Success; What It Is And What It Is Not

This video will challenge and share what success really is. It's not necessarily what you think.

5. Finding Your Purpose. Creating a Legacy

Finding your purpose is key. With a strong purpose comes fulfilment, happiness & joy. It helps you get clear on what YOU are here for...what your legacy will be.

6. How to Embrace Change

In this video Bernardo shares the importance of embracing change and how it an integral part of growing & evolving.

7. Honesty and Questions

In this video he stresses the importance of honesty with others, but MOST importantly YOURSELF!!

8. The One BIG Question

In this video Bernardo helps you understand how we all can help to make the world a better place. 
Ultimately, what's your Question?
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Inspiring People Interviews
Over the years I have interviewed some of greatest thinkers and leaders. 

Serial Entrepreneurs, Authors, Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Music Promoters

Some of the names and recommended interviews that will help you find your purpose include:
  •   Dr. Richard Bandler: Co-Creator or NLP
  •  Dean Graziosi: Entrepreneur 
  •  Marie Diamond: The law of attraction, from the Secret 
  •  Roz Savage: Ocean rower, environmental advocate
  •  Baroness Michelle Mone: entrepreneur, global speaker
  •  40+: Additional interviews
Meet Your Coach & Mentor: Bernardo Moya
Bernardo Moya has been an entrepreneur for over thirty years. He is an author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, seminar promoter and the founder of the global brand The Best You.
He has unrivalled experience in the world of self-help as the architect behind the UK’s biggest annual personal and professional development event – The Best You Expo. He is also the man behind The Best You Legacy Clubs now launching all over the world.
These global events feature speakers, workshops and seminars from the industry’s biggest names and reach audiences of over 100,000.
He's a regular, straight-forward no BS kind of guy.
If you are looking for someone who is down to earth, who has made mistakes but learned from them, someone who is walking his talk, that will tell you the truth, even if you don't like it...
He is The Guy! 
Bernardo Moya
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